bonheur naturiste
bonheur naturiste
bonheur naturiste

liens loisir
vin de cahors

instants naturistes
itinéraire naturiste
liens loisir
camping naturiste
mobil-homes naturiste
bonheur naturiste
livre d'or naturiste

tentes naturiste anglais
bonheur naturiste

camping naturiste
camping naturiste

Espace de vacances naturistes en Quercy/périgord

Le Champ De Guiral


      Choosing to holiday at Champ de Guiral means;

                             Genuine naturist holiday resort

                             Home cooked meals using fresh local produce

             Vegetables from our own vegetable garden or from local producers

                             Upon order we can serve meals of local specialities. You choose the menu together with the cook.

                             Honey, pastis (local pastry speciality), walnut oil available for purchase.

        as well as seasonal vegetable from Monique's vegetable garden.

                            Vente de vin de Cahors au prix de la cave (domaine de chantelle)


                    Tarif groupe pour une visite aux Grottes de Cougnac.

                    Une réduction  pour une descente en canoé de la Dordogne.

                    Une réduction pour la visite des Grottes de Lacave.

                    Une réduction pour une visite au Musée du machinisme agricole.

                    Une réduction pour une visite au  Jardin de cadiot

                            Holiday in an environmentally friendly resort

                            Photovoltaic electricity generation

                            Shower block equipped with thermodynamic hot water heater (solar hot water heating system currently under project)

                            Green waste water treatment Conception Alp'Epur          

                            Environmentally respectful vegetable garden

                            Fruit garden under creation (cherries, apples, pears, plums, kiwi fruits, grapes)

                            Advice from Monique on how to tend a vegetable garden

                            Car sharing options for local sightseeing

                            Travelling by train? We will collect you from the train station






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